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The Best Neighborhoods in Portland for Coffee

The Best Neighborhoods in Portland for Coffee

As Seattle’s coffee rival, Portland has made a serious play in java beans.

The city is actually known for its coffee houses, in addition to its eco-friendliness, outside activities and microbreweries. It’s also a big cultural center with a healthy improv and theater scene.

Nicknamed Stumptown, Portland earned the rights to this moniker back in the mid-19th century. The city grew so fast, trees were cleared too quickly to remove the stumps. Eventually, there were so many trees, people used to jump from one to the next to avoid muddy roads.

Today, the nickname still pops up, even on the storefront of a coffee shop. Come check it out along with some of the best Portland neighborhoods for coffee lovers.

5. Goose Hollow

Fehrenbacher Hof Coffee Room, Portland, OR

Source: Facebook/fehrenbacherhof

A unique name for a neighborhood, Goose Hollow was once an area of Portland where residents let their geese run free. A local hub for sports fans and college students, this neighborhood is a popular hangout for Portland State University students. Two soccer teams, The Portland Thorns and Portland Timbers also call this area home.

Kickoff your day with a cup of coffee at Fehrenbacher Hof, a coffee house that feels like home because it’s literally in a house. Living in this energetic part of town costs $1,832 per month, on average.

Apartments for rent in Goose Hollow

4. East Portland

Stumptown Coffee, Portland, OR

Source: Facebook/stumptowncoffee

Known as the heart of the city, East Portland is the epicenter of underground culture. A hip mix of restaurants, bars and nightlife, you’re never far from a special experience.

This neighborhood is also home to the headquarters of Stumptown Coffee Roasters. In a city known for coffee, that’s big news. Public tastings are available if you want to go to the source of this passionate roaster. They also have multiple coffee shops around town. To call this eclectic part of town home will cost you $1,098 on average in monthly rent.

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3. Old Town Chinatown

Simple.Local.Coffee, Portland, OR

Source: Facebook/ILClinton

Portland’s original downtown area, Old Town Chinatown is home to the famous Saturday Market. This arts and crafts extravaganza is the largest continuously operated outdoor market in the U.S. You can also find one of the world’s most famous doughnut shops among the historic attractions and landmarks. Voodoo Doughnut is an experience onto itself, known for unique flavors like Grape Ape, The Homer or Viscous Hibiscus.

You’ll definitely need a cup of coffee to wash these down. Grab one with your doughnut or walk a few blocks to Simple. Local. Coffee, a cozy coffee shop with a big name.

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2. Alphabet District

World Cup Coffee, Portland, OR

Source: Facebook/WorldCupCoffee

Also known as Nob Hill, the Alphabet District is full of repurposed Victorian homes, restaurants and boutiques. Located in Northwest Portland, this area offers an authentic urban lifestyle that attracts singles, families and a lot of out-of-state transplants.

Swing into World Cup Coffee for a nitro cold brew that’s available on tap or a matcha latte. Then, divide your time between shopping and exploring nature at either the International Rose Test Garden or Forest Park.

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1. Skidmore – Old Town

Either/Or Coffee, Portland, OR

Source: Facebook/EitherOrCafe

Designated as a National Historic Landmark, Skidmore – Old Town is where the city of Portland began. Its namesake comes from the Skidmore Fountain, which was originally built to provide drinking water to people, horses and dogs. Today, it’s another stop as you wander through the area, which is full of restored buildings.

Don’t forget about your coffee as you explore. Check out Either/Or, a coffee shop by day and cocktail bar by night. Indulge in a coffee mocktail or swing in for something a little stronger during happy hour. Its eclectic menu includes many Asian-inspired dishes, as well.

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Grab a cup in this coffee town

Portland is a legitimate coffee town. “Seattle coffee might have more muscle, and San Francisco coffee might have more mystique, but Portland’s coffee scene is arguably the country’s most intimate,” writes Oliver Strand in The New York Times.

Check out the scene yourself and see how it stands up to these other attractive cities for coffee lovers. Is your hometown on the list?


To determine the best neighborhoods for coffee in Portland, we scored every neighborhood on Apartment Guide by business density (coffee shops divided by land area) and coffee shops per capita (coffee shops divided by population). Each score was weighted at 50 percent and combined to come up with an overall coffee score for each neighborhood. The neighborhoods with the highest combined score were determined to be the best neighborhoods for coffee in our quantitative study.

Neighborhoods with fewer than five coffee shops and 500 residents were excluded.

Coffee shop totals come from commercially licensed business listings and my not reflect recent openings or closures. Population and area come from the U.S. Census Bureau.

Rent prices are based on a rolling weighted average from Apartment Guide and’s multifamily rental property inventory from June 2019 to June 2020. We use a weighted average formula that more accurately represents price availability for each individual unit type and reduces the influence of seasonality on rent prices in specific markets.

The rent information included in this article is used for illustrative purposes only. The data contained herein do not constitute financial advice or a pricing guarantee for any apartment.



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