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UDR Blog | A Part of Life

Apartment living is a lot more fun when you have a furry friend to share the experience with. Dogs can take a decent chunk out of your paycheck, so you need to make sure you budget for everything, including vet costs, food and more, before you bring a new pup home.

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9 Apps to Help you Stay Connected While Social Distancing

9 Apps to Help you Stay Connected While Social Distancing

As the coronavirus keeps most of us at home in our apartments, the lack of in-person human contact is less than ideal. Luckily there are many ways to stay connected while social distancing. We have put together a list of nine apps to help you stay-in-touch with family and friends.


Facetime is a free app that allows up to 32 people to connect straight from their Apple device. This app is built into every iOS device, so connecting with others is a breeze.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts can be used for messaging or free video or voice calls with one person or a whole group (up to 25 in fact). Hangouts is a free smartphone app or Google Chrome Extension. It can be used on any kind of smartphone and even has fun features like photos, stickers, and emojis.


Facebook offers a range of virtual connectivity options. In addition to sharing statuses and commenting on someone’s wall, there is Facebook Messaging, which can be between two people or a whole group, allowing for a chat or texting option. Facebook also has a new feature called Watch Party. With this feature, the host can pick out a queue of Facebook videos and line them up for the party. The host invites friends and they can see and hear each other, as well as comment on the videos. Bring on the goat videos!

Marco Polo

Think of Marco Polo as email, but with videos. This app allows you to exchange video messages at your leisure. The app also stores your content, so they won’t disappear after you open them. Even better, it is ad-free.


An oldie but a goodie. Skype is one of the original (video) chat apps. It’s a great choice for groups of up to 50 people – you can even call landlines for a small fee.


Watch YouTube videos, hand-picked TV shows, and movies, or listen and share music with friends in realtime with Airtime.


Use the Houseparty split-screen feature and enjoy hanging out with seven of your closest friends and chat face-to-face.

Netflix Party

Host long-distance movie nights with Netflix Party. Simply install the Google Chrome Extension to start binge-watching your favorite Netflix movies and shows while video chatting with your friends.


No, this isn’t an actual party – the Rave app allows you to sync video content from YouTube, Reddit, Google Drive, Dropbox and Viki with friends in real-time via chat and voice calls. Even enjoy an in-home karaoke party!

What other apps are you using to stay connected? Comment below!

Published at Sun, 12 Apr 2020 15:53:38 +0000

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4 Tips for a Better Night’s Sleep

4 Tips for a Better Night’s Sleep

Let’s face it – there’s only so much coffee can do. We could all use a better night’s rest, so why not make dream-worthy sleep a reality with these four tips for a better night’s sleep.

1. Say “goodnight” to your phone

Catching up on emails and scrolling through Instagram just before bed? Our beloved electronics may be to blame, at least in part, for your tossing and turning. Exposure to the blue light emitted by our smartphones, computers, and other electronic devices can interrupt our internal clocks – preventing our brains from telling our bodies that it’s time to sleep. Reduce temptation by making your bedroom a phone-free zone or cutting your electronic usage one hour before you plan to go to bed. If that sounds too extreme, look into purchasing a screen filter or filter app that reduces the amount of blue light your device emits.

2. Find your bedtime

Your body doesn’t know when it’s time for bed if you’re up late binge-watching Netflix one night and passed out on the couch at 8 pm the next. Going to bed and waking up at the same time each day helps in establishing your unique internal sleep/wake schedule. With some consistency, your brain will learn when to send sleep signals to your body, working to prepare you for bed.

3. Rise and shine on the weekends

If you want to sleep well during the week, it’s essential you get adequate sleep over the weekend. Sticking closely to your regular week-day sleep schedule on the weekends is important – and waking up at the same time is vital. Compensate for a late night out with a short nap the following day, but try to rise at the same time (Saturdays and Sundays included) no matter what time you went to bed.   

4. Treat yourself to new pillows

If you’re looking for a good excuse to buy new pillows, this is it. Your pillows should keep your neck in a neutral position, supporting the curve of your spine. If you’re comfortable when you crawl into bed but wake up tired and stiff, your pillow may be at fault. Invest in a pillow that supports your neck’s natural curve to wake up feeling refreshed.

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