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Arlington Apartment Complex Cited After Raw Sewage Backup Enters Apartments

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — An apartment complex in Jacksonville has been issued citations for failing to clean up a busted sewer line. Homeowners contacted the On Your Side team, arguing raw sewage had been overflowing into homes, bathrooms and kitchen sinks for nearly two months.

“It’s been happening for the last two months,” Golden Shores resident Henry Carter said. “It started with the fumes and then the kitchen sink started bubbling.”

A quick glance down Kona Avenue and you’ll see multiple holes and pipes exposed.

“It’s really sickening,” Carter said.

It’s sickening to Carter because those holes aren’t just showing bubbling water, but sewage.

Carter captured the overflow in and around his Golden Shores apartment.

“It’s just getting worse and worse,” resident George Juarbes said. “Every day, you see them digging another hole. I don’t even allow my kid to come out here and play.”

George Juarbes captured his own images on Oct. 22.

“There’s water splattered everywhere,” Juarbes said. “My sheets got messed up because there was crap in there. My neighbors had the same problem and you have all that smell coming up from the sink.”

Both Carter and Juarbes went to management.

“When you go to the office, they tell me they’re handling it,” Carter said. “There are people going through the same situation.”

Carter said work has been done in the last week near his apartment and the sink has only backed up once, but both argue work should have been done faster.

“It’s kind of a relief, seeing that they’re actually working on it,” Carter said. “It really shouldn’t have had to come to this.”

“The only thing I feel like they doing is making excuses and just prolonging the work,” Juarbes said.

Golden Shores Management told First Coast News the main sewer line busted and carried into the apartments’ waterline. However, the complex disputes the concerns of inactivity. The complex told First Coast News, the sewage has been a concern for two weeks, not two months. The complex added as soon as they learned about it, crews have been working with the city and JEA to resolve the issue.

“I’m glad that there’s some type of movement going on and they’re going to make a difference, so let’s just see,” Juarbes said.

Jacksonville Code Compliance visited the property Monday and issued a paying citation, giving the complex 24 hours to fix the pipes. The city returned Tuesday and the work was not completed. The city issued Golden Shores another citation Tuesday afternoon and have alerted the environmental quality division of the issue. Management told the city they will be pumping the sewer line Tuesday and the city will check back to see if any repairs have been made.