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Best Gyms in Aurora, CO

Best Gyms in Aurora, CO

Regardless of where you live, it’s important to have a balance between your work life and personal life. And, while you may decide to move to a new city for a work opportunity or to be near relatives or friends, you also have to consider what that new city has to offer. For this reason, if you’re looking for apartments for rent in Aurora or are considering moving here in the future, here are the top gyms in the area.

Powerhouse Gym

One of the many gyms in Aurora that’s open 24 hours, Powerhouse Gym is one of the most popular local fitness spots. It’s appreciated for its cleanliness, friendly staff, wide variety of equipment and welcoming environment. Plus, it’s large enough that it never feels too crowded. Powerhouse Gym can be found in Meadow Hills.

Crunch Fitness

Locally owned and operated, Crunch Fitness is a newer gym in City Center with brand new cardio and fitness equipment. Although it’s only open until 9 p.m. on weekdays and 5 p.m. on the weekend, there are still plenty of classes to take advantage of for everyone from beginners to advanced, as well as high intensity personal training.

Anytime Fitness

Vasa Fitness

Although it’s not open 24/7, Vasa Fitness in Summer Valley Ranch makes up for its reduced number or hours with the amenities that it offers. From cardio classes to a full range of fitness and cardio equipment and even to a swimming pool, Vasa has it all. The gym is open from 5 a.m. to 10 p.m. weekdays, from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Saturdays, and 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Sundays.

Planet Fitness

Another major fitness chain, Planet Fitness is a must on the list of top gyms in Aurora. It features a full range of equipment, and plenty of each, so that each member can work out whenever they want and at their own pace. Located in Utah Park, it is open from 4:30 a.m. until 11 p.m. Monday through Thursday, 4:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. on Friday, and 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. on weekends.

24 Hour Fitness

A 24-hour gym, this fitness center in the City Center Marketplace Shipping Center holds up to its name. However, 24 Hour Fitness is not just great for being open during all hours of the day. It’s also equipped with the best machines and all of the amenities for a complete workout for every type of trainee. Also, for those with kids, the kids’ club is great way to keep your children entertained while you exercise.

Colorado’s Pro Gym

A neighborhood gym, Colorado’s Pro Gym in Dayton Triangle is well-known among the local business and area residents. In addition to offering all of the equipment and resources required for any type of workout, the facility is also extremely clean and the staff is always friendly and willing to help.

Let’s Do This Fitness

Let’s Do This Fitness is a community-based gym in Aurora that is known for its fitness programs. Run by certified instructors, this neighborhood environment provides the opportunity to work out with like-minded people, thereby offering the possibility, inspiration and motivational support to achieve your fitness goals. It’s open every day from 5 a.m. to 11:45 p.m. and can be found in Heather Ridge.

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Home Tour: A Perfectly Autumnal Oasis in CT

Home Tour: A Perfectly Autumnal Oasis in CT

I know many espouse shopping vintage as the only way to inject “authentic personality” into your home. I wouldn’t say I disagree. I enjoy the vintage scavenger hunt as much as anyone, but sometimes you need more expedient options. And if those options look as good as these fall pieces from Anthropologie do, I’m totally ok with that.

I posted about Anthro’s latest collaboration last month and their hits just keep on coming. I’m the first to admit I’ve often thought of Anthro pieces as overly whimsical, feminine and a touch too cottage chic, but this new editorial shows that it all depends on your context. A beautiful home designed by famed architect Richard Neutra certainly helps. This one is for sale FYI!

But what this home tour really illustrates is that a piece can take on a totally different personality in a different environment – so really you shouldn’t rule an option out at first glance. Really think about how something will look and feel in your space regardless if it’s modern or bohemian-inspired.

I could not be more obsessed with this wood cabinet. It has a really unique a mesh overlay, a travertine top an gorgeous rounded corners.

Also I have to mention that this mix of wood tones is giving me all kinds of inspiration for our new cottage. And since I only have about 10 weeks to renovate and furnish the entire house, I’m fully ok with unearthing some gems – big box store or not.

This entire home is a beautiful study in mixing soothing neutrals, a variety of texture and a feeling of pieces being collected over time. But you didn’t have to wait years to stumble across the perfect treasure. And there’s no shame in that!

As we shift into the new season and really think about making our homes our sanctuary from both the colder temperatures and from Covid, you can think out of the box while still shopping within one.

I spy the gorgeous foraged branch work of Colin King.

photography by Nicole Franzen, styling by Colin King for Anthropologie.

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Five Common Security Deposit Deductions Your Landlord Can Take

Five Common Security Deposit Deductions Your Landlord Can Take

Security deposits are among the more significant finances involved with renting your first apartment. These deposits cover any damage you cause to your apartment, and even the most careful tenants can easily cause minor damage to their first apartments. After you move out, your landlord will subtract the monetary equivalent of any damage you cause from your deposit.

That said, if you’re clean and careful with your apartment, If you know the below five common security deposit deductions your landlord can take, you’ll be in especially good shape.

1. General cleaning

Leaving your apartment dirty will result in your landlord deducting from your security deposit to cover cleaning costs. Even basic apartment-wide cleaning tasks can run a deduction into the double-digits. So to avoid being charged for excessive cleaning costs, keep up with your cleaning routine, and leave your apartment “broom clean.”

Five Common Security Deposit Deductions Your Landlord Can Take

It’s essential to leave your apartment in the same condition as when you moved in so you can receive your full deposit when you move out. After removing your belongings, use a broom, vacuum, mop, and other cleaning supplies of choice to achieve that squeaky-clean initial condition (or at least get your apartment as clean as it was when you first moved in).

2. General repairs

Surface-level repairs and maintenance, such as repainting or sealing holes in the wall, can cause a significant reduction in how much you receive from your security deposit. It’s best practice to fill any large holes you’ve created before you leave as well as smaller holes from nails, screws, and the like. Many people use spackling paste for this purpose. 

More in-depth repairs, such as plumbing and electric, can be costly to fix, causing your landlord to deduct a large fee from your deposit. Inform your landlord of any electric and plumbing issues as they arise during your residency to prevent yourself from being charged after you move out. Given the high costs of repair, it’s better to have these issues repaired before you leave instead of being blamed and charged for the damage after moving out.

3. Interior fixtures

Make sure to replace batteries for carbon monoxide and smoke detectors before you move out. Additionally, defective appliances should be fixed before moving out, whether you can do it yourself or you need to have your landlord bring in an expert. If damage occurs to a fixture or appliance in your apartment, ask your landlord to take care of it when the problem first appears instead of waiting – you’ll save more money this way.

4. Doors and windows

It’s important to replace faulty doorknobs, doors, and window panes. Perhaps you can’t do some of these replacements by yourself, but some door and window repairs may be easier than you think. Either you do it yourself or get your landlord to hire someone to repair the damage — again, don’t wait until you’ve moved out. 

5. Items left behind

Packing and moving everything you own may be a daunting task, but you shouldn’t leave anything behind. Leaving things in your apartment after you move out can be costly for your landlord because of the labor it takes to remove it. 

Some tenants leave mattresses and box springs behind, but doing so is ill-advised even if these objects are tough to move – your landlord can charge you high sums for these left-behind items in particular. If you need to get rid of large items, look into donating them to charity, hiring a junk hauling company, or selling them online.

The key takeaway: Fix faults as they happen

In general, if you want to receive your full deposit amount after you move out, you should always strive to repair damages right after they occur. Many people recommend taking a picture before you move in to keep track of any damages the apartment has when you first move in. Your landlord can fix issues while you’re living there instead of withholding money from your security deposit after you move out.

Do you have any advice to ensure that people receive their full security deposit after moving out of apartments? Sound off in the comments!

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A September State of Mind

A September State of Mind

Hi friends. So sorry to go completely MIA on you. Between attempting online school with a five-year-old, much of California burning to the ground, and the general state total chaos in which we find ourselves, getting to the computer for any length of time has been a bit of challenge, to put it mildly. And then I blinked and summer is officially over.

But I had to finally get on here as I have big news for you!

They say you shouldn’t make major life decisions during times of extreme stress, right? Well, we decided to throw all caution to the wind and instead have purchased a coastal cottage in Washington State! Apparently a global pandemic, homeschooling a kindergartner and the most consequential presidential election of our lifetime wasn’t enough to keep me busy.

coastal cottage mood board on Apartment 34

In all seriousness, if the past seven months of Covid have taught us anything, it’s the importance of friends and family and so we decided to create a gathering place that can bring together those we love most for years to come. Nestled within the myriad of inlets and islands that dot the Puget Sound north of Seattle, the cottage enjoys sweeping views of the Olympic mountains and Hood Canal. I consider it my official respite from the impending doom. Sadly it looks nothing like the inspiration images I’ve collected here.

Instead, it is going to take a LOT of work to get our little coastal cottage visitor ready – and in a very short period of time. Over the coming weeks, I plan to take you along on the entire design journey. I will be sharing everything with you – from the cottage’s current state, to all of my design inspiration and through the remodel process. If all goes according to plan, I’ll share a major before and after reveal in time to spend the holiday season with our family rather than more than 800 miles away.

coastal cottage mood board on Apartment 34

Trust me, we’re going to have plenty to discuss, as I have to pick an entire household’s worth of things – from paint colors and kitchen cabinets down to dishware, bedding and everything in between. No design decision will be left unturned. It’s both exhilarating and incredibly daunting. These mood boards are just part my first ideation session for my dream vibe.

I’m hopeful sharing this process with you will offer you some fresh design ideas and positive inspiration as we all hunker down to weather what will undoubtedly be a stormy fall – be it literally or just politically. It’s been a rather dark year and I feel like this might be a way to share a little bit of light. I know I am very happy for the creative distraction. I hope you are too.

I can’t wait to share more very soon!

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Idea to Steal: Wall-to-Wall Headboards

Idea to Steal: Wall-to-Wall Headboards

Oh hi friend, just popping up for air between homeschooling and well, I guess I’m not getting air because the entire west coast is on fire and the air quality is some of the worst in the world. Did you hear that the presidential election is now less than 50 days away. Have you registered to vote? Ensured you’ll receive your mail-in ballot? Have a voting plan? CLICK HERE if not.

Idea to Steal: Wall-to-Wall Headboards

But I digress. As you might have seen last week, I have new project that is distracting me from impending doom – the Hood Canal Coastal Cottage and I have been diving deeeeep in design this past week as our timeline to get this baby done is mega short. Like six weeks short. But I’ll dig into all those details once we actually close and I can walk you through everything.

For now, let’s have a convo about bedrooms, shall we? We spend a lot of time in them right? I tend to work from mine late into the wee hours. One of the biggest trouble spots I’m running into with the Coastal Cottage are the bedrooms. I think bedrooms are my achilles heel (as was evidenced by our guest room in This Old Victorian. And the main bedroom. But who’s counting.) It just feels impossible to come up with something that seems interesting (without resorting to majorly expensive finishes or design elements and we are on a budget here people! More on that discussion to come as well).

Living spaces are my jam. I can walk into any type of living space and visualize what it needs almost instantly. Maybe it’s because bedrooms are usually just a box, and often a pretty small one that limits my thinking. I just have the hardest time coming up with innovative solutions for bedroom design. But one idea has been catching my eye in all my late-night scrolling – so much so that I just had to whip up this post for you.

My latest Idea to Steal (and the one I’m trying to convince the husband to let me do in the Coastal Cottage) is wall-to-wall headboards.

Idea to Steal: Wall-to-Wall Headboards on Apartment34Idea to Steal: Wall-to-Wall Headboards on Apartment34Idea to Steal: Wall-to-Wall Headboards on Apartment34Idea to Steal: Wall-to-Wall Headboards on Apartment34

You might also call this look a bed ledge. The utility of wall-to-wall headboards are endless. It’s an easy way to inject another color, wood tone or texture to your bedroom. You can also use the wall-to-wall headboard to house bedside tables and lighting, saving floor space and keeping things minimal.

But I also love that the bed ledge offers the perfect spot to display pieces you love. From artwork to plants, vases or ceramics – you have a spot to add life and personality to your space without adding additional furniture to your room.

The challenge is with the wall-to-wall headboard is actually creating one. This isn’t an off the shelf solution. You’ll likely need to employ a carpenter or be very industrious with your DIYs to create something that works. I’ve seen very simple pine and even particle board versions that don’t seem too intimidating. But slatted wall-to-wall headboards or versions with more design detail could require a pro. I would argue the investment is worth it.

How about you? Maybe if this post gets enough comments, my husband will be convinced!

For our entire Idea to Steal archive CLICK HERE.

images the local project / leibalstudiomk27 / barnabylane, cultiver

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How to Keep Your Las Vegas Home Organized: 10 Creative Decluttering Ideas

How to Keep Your Las Vegas Home Organized: 10 Creative Decluttering Ideas

Right now, many of us are spending a lot of time at home working remotely or simply limiting social contact. With all this time spent inside, your Las Vegas home could probably use a once-over. Between mail, books and other household items, clutter is quick to pile up. Your busy living room and kitchen may send you into a frenzy to restore order and organization in your home.

Decluttering might seem intimidating at first, but there are a few steps you can follow to help you take control of your home:

1. Start with a Decluttering Action Plan

Any efficient project starts with a plan, so why not apply the same principle to decluttering your home? It is up to you to determine the time commitment and the pace of your plan, but having one in place will help you track your progress. The first step is to create a checklist of all the home areas you need to work on. If you’re using the Becker Method – which follows a room-by-room decluttering system – you’re probably better off beginning with the room that gets the most traffic and then proceeding with the rest. Your goal is to purge your home of the misplaced and redundant items, so make sure to stick to the organization scheme you put in place as you declutter.

2. Get the Right Supplies

Every room you declutter requires organizers, storage bins and other supplies. Once you get started, you will have a better idea of what sort of supplies you need. Some common supplies include trash bags, brown bags for recycling paper, hanging sweater bags for closets, or drawer dividers. Before you run out to the store, make sure you truly need the supplies you intend to buy.

3. Reorganize the Entryway Purposefully

As the busiest area of the home, the entry area usually collects shoes, sports equipment and different bags which make it difficult to find your keys when you’re in a hurry to leave the house in the morning. Adding a bench with storage to hold keys and other items might just be the solution to that pesky morning chaos! For bags, jackets and backpacks, a coat rack or a couple of hooks are helpful to keep these items organized. A mail organizer is not a bad idea if you’re constantly battling strewn envelopes as you make your way out of the house. As a general rule, make sure that each item has its dedicated space.

entryway in a home

4. Decluttered Living Room: Use Drawers, Shelves and Baskets

If your goal is to keep clutter at bay, then the living room is the trickiest room to do so. With fewer traditional possibilities for storage, your remotes and blankets are more than likely migrating from one spot to another. To make this room inviting and pleasing to the eye, use baskets to store extra throws, magazines or even children’s toys that make their way to the living room. Go for decorative boxes that best complement your home décor for a more personalized touch. Additionally, make sure to keep the coffee table free of the usual items like candles, books or flowers. If you do enjoy a few decorative items in this spot, why not incorporate a tray that can accommodate them? You can easily remove it in case you have guests and decide to use the coffee table to entertain.

5. Give Your Closets the Organization Treatment

Your bedroom closet is where most of your wardrobe resides. Start decluttering this spot by getting rid of everything you haven’t worn in the past year. If you’re not sure which clothes you still wear, hang your clothes on backward hangers in your closet. As you wear the items, rehang them facing forward. The hangers that stay backward are probably not your favorite items. It’s time to relocate them to the donation box. If your home is not large enough to make room for all your seasonal clothing and other seasonal items, self-storage can come to the rescue. Financially speaking, you’re better off renting a storage unit in Las Vegas than moving to a larger home with more space. Apartments in Sin City have an average of 884 square feet, ranking 40th among the top 100 cities with the largest apartments in the U.S, well below the national average, which is 941 square feet.

organized closet

6. Make Use of Underbed Space

If your closet is too small to house all your clothing, under-the-bed storage can be a lifesaver. Bulky items and accessories can be placed in vacuum storage bags safely under your bed. Make sure that any items you decide to store in this way is in good condition.

7. Home Office Desk: Stick to Bare Necessities

The top of your desk is home to pens, highlighters, staples and more. Besides your computer and a landline phone, try to keep only three or four items on the desk. Other knickknacks can be placed on a nearby shelf. Store most of your office supplies inside drawers using various bins and caddies to keep things organized.

8. Keep Cords Tidy

Your desk can feel like a jungle of lamp cords, laptop wires and other cords. You can secure them in a cable box to keep them all tidy, or you can opt for a shelf equipped with ports. If, on the other hand, your desk has fewer cables, a decorative container might easily do the trick.

9. Less is More with Kitchen Counters

Kitchen counters tend to become overcrowded with many kitchen gadgets and utensils that may or may not see frequent use. Instead, keep most of them in pull-out trays inside the cabinets. This trick allows you to easily access items all the way in the back of the cabinet and makes the most of this storage space. For the essential small appliances that have to stay on the countertop, you can use baskets and boxes to hold them. As you reorganize your countertop items, add some of them to the donation box if they see very rare or no use at all.

pull-out kitchen drawer

10. Say Goodbye to the Junk Drawer

The catch-all junk drawer feels good to have around, but it only causes more clutter – unopened mail, scissors, rubber bands and other little odds and ends that don’t seem to find their spot wind up here. The easiest way to a clutter-free drawer is to simply move everything into their designated spots in the kitchen. If, on the other hand, you can’t give up that easily on your junk drawer, using a drawer organizer might be the answer.

11. Bathroom: Toss Expired Cosmetics and Medicine

You might have tried a wide slew of cosmetics over the years, but not all of them turn out to be favorites. Now is the time to sift through your collection and dispose of old lotions and shower gels that never see the light of day. Apply the same principle to your medicine cabinet. It’s time to look at the expiration dates on medications and safely get rid of them.

12. Use Under-the-Sink Storage

Being short on closet space isn’t a new problem. We could all use a little extra space to store household items. Why not use your under-the-sink space to bring your everyday bathroom linens on-hand? Use wicker baskets to store bath towels – it’s practical, and stylish too.

bathroom storage

13. Enlist the Help of a Professional Organizer

If decluttering becomes overwhelming, don’t lose heart. It’s time to call in the professionals to lend a helping hand. It’s easier than ever to hire a certified organizer in Las Vegas. HateClutter, White Tie Organizing and Organized by Ginger are some of the professionals that can help bring back the Zen to your Las Vegas home.

Did we help you declutter your home? Let us know in the comment section below.

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How to Remove Wall Decals

How to Remove Wall Decals

Is there a child in America who hasn’t put a sticker on a piece of furniture despite being advised not to? There’s something about those colorful, tacky little pieces of paper just asking to be settled on a chair arm or desk. As grown-ups, it’s no wonder we still get the sticker bug, and in recent years, there’s been a resurgence of wallpapers and fun decals to deploy on the walls — inspirational quotes, life-sized sports figures, flowers and birds.

Some decals are labeled “repositionable” or “removable” and easily come off when peeled without damaging the wall. Yay! Lucky you. But other decals, particularly older ones, may not give it up so easily. When it’s time for a change, how do you remove wall decals

Decal, sticker, what’s the diff?

First off, the word “decal” has a fancy pedigree, derived as it was from the French décalcomanie (Latin calcare, meaning “to tread on, press”).

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A decal has three parts — a backing paper, the actual sticker art and a transfer surface layer. A sticker, on the other hand, is just an adhesive design that you peel off the backing paper and adhere to a surface. With their three parts, decal designs can be really intricate because the transfer layer allows you to put the sticker on a wall with the same spacing as the original design.

Stickers and decals are usually made from PVC-vinyl for its elasticity. Some eco-conscious companies like Made for Sundays, make stickers from paper with PVC-free backing and decals made of recyclable polyester vinyl.

removing wall decals

Easy ways to remove wall decals

Here are the tools you’ll need to remove decals from your walls:

  • Hairdryer
  • Tweezer
  • Warm, soapy water
  • A residue remover of choice (see below)
  • Patience

Step 1: Use a hairdryer to heat up the decal

Hold the hairdryer about six inches from the decal and blow warm air over it for a minute or two. If it’s a large decal do one area at a time.

Step 2: Using a tweezer, slowly pull away from the wall

Channel your long-lost skills from The Operation game and do this gently. Don’t tug the decal at a 90-degree angle, sort of roll it away. This will keep you from tearing the decal and leaving residue or possibly peeling away paint.

Step 3: Remove leftover residue

Any residue left on the wall should come off with warm soapy water. If that won’t cut it, try Goo Gone, Krud Kutter, WD-40, rubbing alcohol or even nail polish remover — but you might want to test a small area first, like in the back of a closet to make sure your remover of choice doesn’t ruin the paint.

glow in the dark stars

Removing glow-in-the-dark stars

Yes, the constellations were amazing at night as you gazed up at your ceiling from your bed. But now they’ve got to go. You’ll need more than a hairdryer to get rid of these suckers. Aside from a ladder and possibly a friend to hand you materials while you’re trying not to get a crick in your neck, gather the following: cotton balls, white vinegar, a cleaner like Goo Gone or Krud Kutter, nail polish remover, WD-40, rag, dish soap, warm water, scraper (old credit card will do) and possibly an ice cube.

Once you’ve assembled your arsenal, choose one of your liquid attackers, and using a cotton ball, dampen the edges of the star stickers. Wait two to three minutes and test to see if you chose correctly and can peel away the star sticker with your finger.

If not, try another liquid. Hit up the edges with WD-40 for good measure. If you can’t peel the star sticker away with your fingers, scrape it off with the old credit card. Eventually, the stars will come off the ceiling.

Some stars have a kind of putty-like adhesive. Try putting an ice cube to it and then use the credit card to scrape it from the ceiling.

Once the stars have been removed, you’ll likely have to tackle the residue. This should come off with a little scrubbing with your rag dipped in soapy water. Don’t oversaturate the ceiling and scrub so hard that you weaken the drywall.

Decals gone, walls might need some TLC

With the star stickers, in particular, you’ve likely scored yourself a new project — painting. Just make sure the walls or ceiling are dry before you begin and you’ll be able to restore your apartment to its original blank canvas status.



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Two New Furniture Collections You Need to Shop Right Now

Two New Furniture Collections You Need to Shop Right Now

While it can feel a bit odd to get excited about any kind of shopping during these intense times, it’s clear we’re going to continue to need to stay home for the foreseeable future – I’m about to start homeschooling a kindergartner woohoo – and so there’s no better time to upgrade your space however you can. Thankfully, a couple of new furniture collections are making that much, much easier. I’m officially drooling! Scroll to get some much needed inspiration right now.

Two New Furniture Collections You Need to Shop Right Now on Apt34

First up is the stunning new collection that launched on Anthropologie late last week. Called the Artisinal Modern Collection by Lemieux Et Ciethis truly chic mix of everything from chairs, sofas and coffee tables to accessories, rugs, art, and even wallpaper is the brainchild of one of my longtime favorite designers in the home furnishings space, Christiane Lemieux.

Lemieux was the founder of DwellStudio – a collection that launched an iconic bird print bedding set – among a number of other items. DwellStudio was sold in 2013 and Lemieux has continued to have a hand in the home furnishings space – but I am so excited to see this comprehensive collection take a store like Anthropologie in a more elevated, elegant and design-savvy direction. As I scrolled through, I wanted virtually every single piece. I’m sure that was influenced by the beautiful editorial images you see here – I just want to dive right into this home. But that also doesn’t surprise, as Lemieux tapped my favorite stylist Colin King to style this beautiful shoot.

Two New Furniture Collections You Need to Shop Right Now on Apt34

I was just sitting in my dining room last night thinking I need to add a rug to anchor and soften the room. This dining room has officially convinced me. I think this handwoven Tukar rug would be perfect!

Two New Furniture Collections You Need to Shop Right Now on Apt34

The rounded sofa trend is here to stay and I am so happy about it. The look is the easiest way to elevate a room. This sofa is a beautiful option. I’m coveting that vintage-looking vase as well!

Two New Furniture Collections You Need to Shop Right Now on Apt34 Two New Furniture Collections You Need to Shop Right Now on Apt34

Her sculptural pieces in this collection are reminiscent of Brancusi – and I am completely smitten.

Two New Furniture Collections You Need to Shop Right Now on Apt34

While I would gladly add virtually any piece from this collection to my house, I’ve picked a handful of my favorites for you to shop below.

It appears Zara Home has also gotten the timeless modern design memo, as their newest collection has equally lovely neutral pieces photographed in yet another stunning space.

Two New Furniture Collections You Need to Shop Right Now on Apt34Two New Furniture Collections You Need to Shop Right Now on Apt34Two New Furniture Collections You Need to Shop Right Now on Apt34

I’m particularly loving the warmth of this space. The creamy walls, mix of wood tones and natural materials transports me to the countryside of Spain or France.

Two New Furniture Collections You Need to Shop Right Now on Apt34

Obsessed with this chunky kitchen counter – and the accessories from Zara are cute too!

Two New Furniture Collections You Need to Shop Right Now on Apt34

Did you notice the arched doorways throughout this house, painted with a black accent? Officially banking this idea for a future dream project.

Two New Furniture Collections You Need to Shop Right Now on Apt34

This is an absolute dream bathroom situation!

Two New Furniture Collections You Need to Shop Right Now on Apt34

If I could add a piece or two to my house that would make me feel transported to a space like this, well sign me up! Here are a few of my favorite finds.

images courtesy of anthropologie and zara home

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Daydream Destination: Mallorca

Daydream Destination: Mallorca

As I stare down the barrel of facilitating online kindergarten (lawd help me), my mind is wandering to any and all escapes. While I sadly cannot exit our current reality, I can dream about a far-flung destination. At some point during a mindless scrolling session, idyllic images of a beautiful sun-soaked location kept cropping up in my feed and I had to know more.

Daydream Destination: Mallorca Daydream Destination: Mallorca on Apt34

These incredible pictures are of a townhouse nestled in the village of Sóller on the Spanish island of Mallorca. Designed by Berrow Projects, the Canoneta Townhouse was built in 1910 by Parisian architects and Berrow has painstakingly updated the property to meld beautiful old-world bones with contemporary details and finishes that make this home feel both timeless and contemporary. All I know is that I’m totally smitten.

Daydream Destination: Mallorca on Apt34Daydream Destination: Mallorca on Apt34Daydream Destination: Mallorca on Apt34Daydream Destination: Mallorca on Apt34

Every detail of this island home is picture perfect. This custom kitchen features cement floors with radiant heating and a beautiful mix of custom oak cabinetry and honed stone countertops. The views out of those french doors have me swooning. I can see myself enjoying a morning matcha at that island right now.

Daydream Destination: Mallorca on Apt34

The house’s dining room offers a perfect indoor/outdoor feel with those large picture window french doors and oodles of natural light. I spy built-in bench seating at the end of the space. And I’m always a sucker for built-in shelving too.

Daydream Destination: Mallorca on Apt34

This townhouse has six bedrooms and six bathrooms! A main bedroom features a cast concrete soaking tub and a beautiful mix of concrete and geometric tiles to mimic carpeting. The continued use of warm oak softens the space. And again the views! What a dream.

Daydream Destination: Mallorca on Apt34

I love the cross hatch caning on the custom wardrobe cabinets.

Daydream Destination: Mallorca on Apt34

The bathroom is a beautiful, smooth homage to minimalism. I love the single basin for the double sink.

Daydream Destination: Mallorca on Apt34Daydream Destination: Mallorca on Apt34Daydream Destination: Mallorca on Apt34 Daydream Destination: Mallorca on Apt34

But let’s talk about this home’s incredibly garden. It features a lap pool and spa, sunken seating area and covered outdoor dining table along with an expanse of yard and established orchards of orange, lemon and other fruit trees. The townhouse gets its name, Canoneta, from the native orange variety that grows here and brought prosperity to the region in the late 19th century.

I think I could stomach homeschooling and a really uncertain future if I was sitting next to that pool, a Spritz in hand.

How about you?? Did I mention this house is for sale?!!! I have officially found my exit strategy.

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How to Remove Permanent Marker From Any Surface

How to Remove Permanent Marker From Any Surface

Permanent markers are essential in every craft room and household.

They are great for creating lasting memories through artwork, writing labels on metals and plastics to help keep your home organized and even covering up scuffs on shoes.

Although the name suggests otherwise, if you accidentally get permanent marker on a surface you didn’t intend, or one ends up in the hands of a very young, but very inspired creative, there are ways to remove it.

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Permanent marker can be removed from a variety of surfaces using basic household cleaners and materials. So grab an old towel or washcloth that you don’t mind the strain potentially transferring onto, and follow the instructions below to learn how to remove permanent marker from any surface.

How to remove permanent marker from plastic

writing leftovers on plastic container with permanent marker

If you had used a permanent marker to label a plastic item and now want to alter that label, you can use a dry-erase marker to remove the writing. A dry-erase marker works well for getting permanent marker off of plastic because it contains rubbing alcohol.

Follow these steps:

  1. Color over the permanent marker with the dry-erase marker
  2. Wipe away
  3. Repeat the process if needed

How to remove permanent marker from clothes

using hairspray to remove a stain from a shirt

If you got a permanent marker stain on one of your favorite clothing items, don’t fret. There are a number of different methods you can use to get it out of different clothing fabrics. Below are tips for removing permanent marker stains from cotton, leather and wool.


Hairspray is an effective way to remove permanent marker from cotton. Be sure that the hairspray contains alcohol, as not all hairspray products do, and this component is critical for removing the stain.

Follow these three steps to clean your cotton item:

  1. Apply hairspray to the area until it feels wet
  2. Let it sit for 15 minutes
  3. Put clothing item in the washing machine without other items in case the stain bleeds
  4. Run on warm with detergent


You can remove permanent marker from leather, without damaging the fabric, using white vinegar.

Follow these three steps to clean your leather item:

  1. Dab vinegar onto the stain with a cloth
  2. Let it sit for a few minutes
  3. Use the same cloth to wipe off the stain using a circular motion


Hairspray is also an effective way to remove permanent marker from wool. Instead of tossing the item in the wash after setting the stain with hairspray, you can handwash it to prevent damage to the item.

Follow these steps to clean your wool item:

  1. Apply hairspray to the area until it feels wet
  2. Let it sit for 15 minutes
  3. Hand wash the item with cold water

How to remove permanent marker from wood

removing permanent marker from wood with toothbrush

Not only does toothpaste fight stains in your mouth, but it can also fight stains on your wood furniture or floors. The abrasive quality of toothpaste helps to gently remove the dye without dissolving it. It’s best to use a baking soda toothpaste, but if you don’t have one you can simply mix baking soda with the toothpaste you have. Skip the gel toothpaste, it won’t work.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Apply toothpaste to a cloth or you can even use an old toothbrush!
  2. Rub into the wood, going with the grain
  3. Repeat as needed

How to remove permanent marker from skin

using hand sanitizer to remove permanent marker from hand

It turns out that hand sanitizer not only can clean your hands of germs but also can be used to remove permanent marker from your skin:

    1. Squirt a dab of hand sanitizer into your hand or on a cloth
    2. Rub directly into the stain
    3. Wipe away with a cloth

How to remove permanent marker from other surfaces

putting rubbing alcohol on a cloth

If permanent marker ended up on one of your upholstered furniture pieces, a stainless steel appliance, wall, carpet or glass item, you can remove the stain using the techniques we breakdown below.


Use rubbing alcohol to remove permanent marker from upholstery. It’s best to blot the area with the rubbing alcohol instead of rubbing as it’s possible to actually massage the stain further into the fabric.

Follow these simple steps using rubbing alcohol:

  1. Apply rubbing alcohol to a clean cloth
  2. Blot the area
  3. Wash away the remaining rubbing alcohol using a clean damp cloth


Similar to plastic, dry-erase markers work well to remove permanent marker from metal. So if permanent marker ends up on one of your stainless steel appliances, follow the steps below. Keep in mind, you may have to repeat this process a couple of times to fully remove the stain.

  1. Color over the stain with a dry-erase marker
  2. Wipe away


Toothpaste for the win, again! Toothpaste also works great for removing permanent marker from walls without causing damage. As previously mentioned, skip the gel toothpaste and ideally choose one that contains baking soda. Then follow these steps:

  1. Apply toothpaste directly to the wall stain
  2. Allow it to sit for 5–10 minutes
  3. Scrub the mark in a circular motion
  4. Wipe the remaining toothpaste away with a damp cloth


To remove permanent marker from the carpet, just like with upholstery, you can use rubbing alcohol. Remember, blot the area with the rubbing alcohol instead of rubbing so you don’t rub the stain further into the carpet. Follow these steps below:

  1. Apply rubbing alcohol to a clean cloth
  2. Blot the area
  3. Using a damp, clean cloth, wipe away the remaining rubbing alcohol


If permanent marker ends up on one of your glass items, such as a window or mirror, you can remove it with nail polish remover or rubbing alcohol by doing the following:

  1. Apply remover of your choice to a cloth
  2. Rub the strain
  3. Use a clean cloth and a multipurpose or glass cleaner to wipe away

Dry-erase boards

In addition to working well to remove stains from walls and plastic, dry-erase markers can be used to remedy a situation where you may have mistakenly used permanent marker on a dry-erase board. In two steps, you can pretend as though nothing ever happened:

  1. Write over the stain with a dry-erase marker
  2. Wipe away with a clean cloth

Few things in life are truly permanent

You may have to repeat the steps laid out above a few times to be successful, but with a little effort and patience, you can remove most permanent marker stains. For additional cleaning hacks, be sure to check out our cleaning and maintenance tips.



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